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The Vision
TITAN Injection Bore Anchors are an intelligent tool for construction

The impression of a mighty tree has inspired us. It has a network of large and small roots, which support and anchor it into the soil without the need for a concrete foundation.

The roots transfer external, vertical and horizontal static and dynamic forces, moments and shocks which the tree has to absorb.

This network of roots enable the tree to withstand wind, snow loads and earthquakes. On the one hand the roots interlock with the soil, on the other they convert the soil to a monolithic structure (root ball). As the tree grows, the roots grow with it to ensure that it has a firm anchorage sufficient for its size. How the tree calculates the size and complexity of the roots needed to provide stability is unknown. What is known is that a composite material is being created to protect the tree and assure its longevity.

We have learned from the tree; to take the soil into consideration for construction, to use resources economically, to improve and reinforce the soil.

These considerations in foundation technology were recognised by Dr. F. Lizzi in 1952 when he called his micro piles "root piles" (Pali Radice)

TITAN Injection Bore Anchors are an intelligent tool for construction.They have been used for constructing root or anchor piles since 1984
Just "one visit to the job" (covered by patents DE 3400182, DE 3828335)

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