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We as Ab Rah Mona company (ARMCO) has started journey in 2000 to introduce and supply new methods and products in the field of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. We always consider the best quality, customer care and top level of new standards as our main goals. To achieve these, we always try to improve our working situation with the leading and reliable companies in Europe and Asia. In this way with the Cooperation of Anahico GmbH. As our partner in Austria, we started our partnership with FRIEDR. ISCHEBECK GMBH (Founded 1881) as as the most professional manufacturer of Injection Bore Anchors (TITAN) for geotechnical industry in the world. With this cooperation, we can supply the needs of Iranian professionals by the best solution and quality.
ARMCO - Exclusive Agent of TITAN - Unit 31 ,No 56 ,West Nahid St ,Nelson Mandela Blv ,Tehran ,IRAN